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Free diagnostics and advice (state of health and presence or absence of magical negatives: curse, damaged spell, evil eye, love spells)

You can get free diagnostics by photo. For you to be checked on having magical negatives (curses, evil spells, evil eye, love spell that could part you with beloved one), it is enough to:

- send a letter, including your photo, name and date of birth and present residence;

- the letter must include your question or description of your problem.

You will get a rapid reply. In case of need you will be able to receive my help, using spells and rituals of ancient witchcraft.

Requirements to photos for diagnostics:

- photo must be maximum 3 years old;

- eyes of the person must be clearly visible;

- it is desirable for you to be seen to your full height.

What should you do if diagnostics reveals destructive magical influence?

First of all, don't panic! Most of destructive influences can be eliminated. Consider them as an ordinary disease. When you have toothache, you go to dentist. When you have magical negatives - you go to Anna Mandragora and you get qualified help.

ANNA MANDRAGORA comprehends your situations and will give a rapid reply. If you need help, e-mail just now!!! mandragora.anna@gmail.com

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